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Silicone Spoon Bottle

Silicone Spoon Bottle

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Designed to be ergonomic and easy to use, the silicone bottle-spoon with its dolphin-shaped lid combines bottle and spoon functions. This makes it very practical especially during outings.

Multi-purpose, the silicone bottle-spoon can be used to give babies from 3 months old different kinds of food, such as juice, puree, compotes and can even be used to give medicine to your little one. .

The bottle-spoon is all the more practical as it allows you to precisely give food to your child with a simple pressure on the bottle. Its graduated tank also allows you to know the quality of food that your child consumes.

The food-grade silicone with its soft and flexible texture protects baby's fragile gums use after use. The bottle-spoon can also be used to massage baby's gums during his teething period.

Available in 3 colours, blue, green and pink, the silicone baby bottle spoon is easy to clean and can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees.

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