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Baby Floating Bath Mat

Baby Floating Bath Mat

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The floating baby bath mat is an accessory specially designed to provide a safe and fun space for infants during their bath. It lands directly in the bathtub so that baby floats on the surface of the water.

Equipped with integrated floats strategically placed to keep the baby's head above water, the floating baby bath mat still gives him enough freedom to move his arms and legs.

Made of high quality breathable fabric, non-irritating to the skin, the floating baby bath mat is very soft and comfortable to the touch. It is also non-slip so that baby remains stable during the bath.

Also, the head location is elevated so the floating baby bath mat provides a secure frame for the child while bathing. And to ensure that baby is settled in the best possible way, the floating baby bath mat is designed to fit his body.

The floating baby bath mat is also very easy to maintain. After use, just rinse it and let it dry in just a few minutes.

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