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Butterfly nursing pillow

Butterfly nursing pillow

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The butterfly nursing pillow is distinguished by its innovative and practical design, which has won over more than one mother. Composed of several superimposed layers, the butterfly nursing pillow offers unparalleled flexibility, as it easily adjusts according to the preferences of mother and her baby.

The height and inclination of the butterfly nursing cushion can indeed be adjusted to find the ideal position so that the moments of feeding are pleasant moments for the mother and her baby. Big advantage? The multi-layer nursing pillow promotes optimal latch for the baby.

Of course, the butterfly nursing pillow can also be used by daddies who want to take care of their baby.

Respectful of baby's soft and fragile skin, each layer of the butterfly nursing pillow is made from soft and breathable materials.

Its flat dimensions of approximately 28cm by 58 are a definite advantage for this butterfly nursing pillow which can be taken wherever necessary. Also, it is easily washable.

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